A focus day on SRM or business alignment

14 May 2019
08:30 - 17:30
Intercontinental London - The O2
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Re-calibrate your strategy

A successful strategy is revised and adjusted regularly based on monitoring progress against milestones and adjusting to changing conditions. While we all endeavour to review our strategies regularly, the reality often is, we don’t dedicate enough time to do so.

The Strategy Deep Dives have been designed to give you the opportunity to dedicate a day to take a step back, assess and evaluate the state of your business and industry, and re‑align your function’s strategic goals, priorities and action plans to manage risk and improve business alignment.

A micro perspective to the macro Congress themes

The Strategy Deep Dives are the perfect supplement to your attendance at the World Procurement Congress. The focus day allows you to breakdown some of the big-picture Congress themes to examine the tactical details to make the vision a reality. The Deep Dive agendas topics go far beyond the top-level that is explored during the Congress, to include multiple sub-themes of Risk Management or Business Alignment.

If your function is placing a priority on improving your risk mitigation approach or strengthening your business partnerships – this extra day is a MUST ATTEND.

A valuable addition to your Congress attendance

Here’s three reasons why you should attend a Strategy Deep Dive:



CONNECT with peers who have a similar strategic focus to learn from each other’s successes and side-step potential pitfalls


BENCHMARK your strategic plans to measure progress and find ways to improve to your action plan for advancement


SOLVE for common short-term challenges so you have time and resource to progress on your mid to long term strategic roadmap

A featured event within World Procurement Week

By attending a Strategy Deep Dive, you are automatically a part of the wider World Procurement Week community that connects over 1000 procurement professionals! You’ll be able to carry on making new connections and developing business relationships with this wider community into the evenings through organised networking activities.


The choice is yours - Risk Management or Business Alignment

Designed to supplement the strategic themes of the World Procurement Congress agenda, this focus day deep dives on one of two timely topics and provides you with additional networking opportunities, strategic-execution support and a forum to share and learn from unique ideas:

Risk Strategy Deep Dive

Build resilience in your supply chain and your team

If you’re looking to solve for the following challenges, attendance at the Risk Strategy Deep Dive is the right fit for you:

  • How can we increase our supply chain visibility to highlight pressure points sooner and improve response speed?
  • How should we develop our team to ensure every person understands and is prepared for the risk response process?
  • How should we develop our team to have resilience to source effectively in an inflationary environment?
  • What are the best practices we should be implementing to prepare for geo-political and economic shifts?

Business Alignment Strategy Deep Dive

Translate meaningful purpose into value creation

If you’re looking to solve for the following challenges, attendance at the Business Alignment Strategy Deep Dive is the right fit for you:

  • How can we make alignment of our function’s objectives to the strategic goals of the business an everyday team priority?
  • How do we transform our team from being transactional procurement executives to be strategic business partners?
  • How can we coach our team and promote stakeholder collaboration to uncover new value-add opportunities?
  • How should we evolve our performance metrics to include value creation rather than just savings?

Armed with new connections, insights, and a renewed focus, return to the workplace eager to take on the challenges of the future and drive real results.

Partnership Opportunities

Make a lasting impression with an exclusive Deep Dive partnership

Becoming a partner of a Strategy Deep Dive ensures that your name is front and centre with the procurement decision makers in attendance. Can you really afford to not be there?!

Benefit from exclusive branding with the Deep Dive audience, including pre-event promotion, and on-site signage.

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