High velocity procurement: The competitive advantage

15 May 2019 - 16 May 2019
08:30 - 17:30
InterContinental London - The O2
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Making business growth a procurement reality

To keep customers happy and deliver business success, all organizations must have the ability to react to market pressures, geo-political risks and changes in consumer behaviours and preferences. How quickly the procurement department responds to these factors will ultimately affect the business’s revenue and profit.

Join 700+ senior executives at World Procurement Congress for valuable discussions on increasing the agility and velocity of your function and maximise the competitive advantage you can offer your organisation.

Message from the Chairs

We are delighted to announce that World Procurement Congress 2019 will be co-chaired by Joe Agresta and Jet Antonio. With their far-reaching global experience, inspiring thought leadership and contagious energy, they’re sure to make this year’s Congress our most exciting yet!

In the videos below Joe and Jet outline their expectations of the event and why you should make sure you’re there:

Two-days dedicated to the BIG picture

Team and Culture Development

Exploring the balance of skills and personalities required to meet the needs of modern-day procurement

Elevated Operating Models

Building an organisational structure that is flexible enough to continually deliver during disruption

Emerging Technology

Learning ways to capitalise on the success cases of early adopters to lower the risk of implementation

Optimising Business Alignment

Creating synergy with wider business goals to increase procurement’s value creation visibility with the C-suite

Risk Management

Establishing a proactive risk mitigation strategy and ensuring that your stakeholders are aligned with it

Advanced SRM

Exploring the step-change from SRM to SEI or advancing to supply ecosystems and innovation platform

An event you simply can’t afford to miss!

Here’s 5 reasons why you need to be in London on 15-16 May:



Profile-building – The congress attracts the “Who’s Who” of procurement. With the biggest thought leaders and global organisations in attendance, this is a community you want to be a part of.


Benchmarking – Reflect on your strategy in the context of other companies through the roadmaps and case studies being shared in presentations.


Networking – It’s the single largest gathering of senior, global procurement professionals and hands-down the most effective and efficient opportunity for networking in terms of quality and quantity.


Inspiration – With the entire event focused on big picture procurement strategy, presenters challenge the status-quo, leaving you with “aha moments” and a fresh perspective.


Problem-solving – With 700+ attendees, many are experiencing or have already overcome your function’s current challenges, providing a perfect platform to crowd-source new solutions.

The power within the room is unparalleled








global 5000 companies

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‘Head of’ level or above


industry-leading solution providers

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annual combined spend under management

Networking is at the core of the Congress

Your time at the Congress won’t just be spent listening to presentations. We’ve built more than seven hours of dedicated networking time into the agenda, and created several event experiences to help you get the most out of your time:

Match and Meet

Match & Meet
Your networking will be taken to the next level through our web app. We’ll match you with other delegates based on your shared challenges and topics of interest. All you’ll need to do is plan to meet during a mutually agreed time or during one of our facilitated networking breaks.
Speakers Corner

Speakers Corner
Looking to dive deeper into certain presentation topics? Connect with the speakers from previous sessions in a dedicated networking space to pose your questions and find out further details about their project and function.
Marketplace Live

Marketplace Live!
With 25+ solution providers represented at the Congress, you’ll be able to benchmark your own suppliers, undertake SRM activities and find your next great solution by engaging with the handpicked partners onsite.
Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable Discussions
Within the agenda, you have two opportunities to join roundtable discussions help you learn first-hand how to overcome hurdles and capitalise on opportunities from practitioners who are a step ahead.
Members Lounge

Members Lounge
The networking experience for Procurement Leaders members will be complimented by comfy furniture, premium coffee and unique snacks in the dedicated lounge. The Procurement Leaders team will also be on hand to make introductions for facilitated networking.
World Procurement Week lates

Added bonus – World Procurement Week Lates!
By attending World Procurement Congress, you are automatically a part of the wider World Procurement Week community that connects over 1000 procurement professionals! You’ll be able to carry on making new connections and developing business relationships with this wider community into the evenings through organised networking activities.
World Procurement Week

Be part of the world’s biggest procurement networking event

By attending the World Procurement Congress, you are automatically a part of the World Procurement Week community, connecting over 1,000 procurement professionals!

Make sure you benefit from this opportunity to be part of the largest annual gathering of procurement professionals from across the world, maximising the value you gain beyond the Congress agenda.

Learn more about World Procurement Week

We can’t wait to welcome you in London

InterContinental London - The O2

Your two-days of learning will take place at InterContinental London - The O2. Boasting fantastic views of London’s financial centre, this location is sure to provide you with great inspiration during your time at the World Procurement Congress:

InterContinental London - The O2
1 Waterview Dr
London SE10 0TW

Maximise your function’s ability to drive business growth


Two days dedicated to the BIG Picture

The carefully-curated agenda allows attendees to focus on their function’s long-term strategic goals while also capitalising on quick, short-term wins.

Day 1 of the Congress will begin with a look at the global macro trends impacting businesses as we set the scene with a view from the Foreign Editor of The Economist, Robert Guest. Robert will provide the context for the current global outlook before 3 leading Global CPO’s from 3 industry verticals; FMCG, Pharmaceuticals & Petro-chemicals provide their unique viewpoints on how they have navigated uncharted waters to deliver business value and competitive advantage through procurement excellence.

The day 1 agenda also provides:

  • Breakouts focusing on how CPO’s are more specifically creating competitive advantage for their business through procurement excellence
  • An in-depth look the transformation journey being undertaken at Heineken and the impact on the vast global footprint the organisation is undertaking
  • A 30-minute panel discussion with a mix of cross-industry global CPO’s as to how such issues apply directly to procurement and supply chain
  • A look at leadership in a fast paced, results driven environment as Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing F1 Team discusses the need for agility, speed and real time information for decision making

As day 1 has a very grounded look at the tangible and practical requirements for CPO’s and their teams in creating competitive advantage, day 2 will have a forward-looking focus with a look to procurement Moonshots.

Day 2 highlights include:

  • Keynote from Dr. Anita Sengupta, SVP Engineering Systems at Hyperloop One, diving into the world of future transportation and what this may mean for our global supply chain and logistics infrastructures
  • Breakouts looking at identifying and leveraging new avenues for business growth as we embark on the road to becoming a digital, network-driven, platform-based business
  • Sessions exploring new avenues for business growth through topics such as supplier diversity and inclusion, sustainable procurement, ethical supply chains, supplier enabled innovation and digitalisation

View latest agenda

Please complete the short form below for access to the latest World Procurement Congress and Strategy Deep Dive agendas:



Speaker line-up

The World Procurement Congress features the knowledge and insights of leading procurement, business and leadership experts from around the globe, including:

Christian Horner, Team Principal, Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner OBE

Team Principal

Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Team

View Bio

Christian Horner is the Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. He has led the team from its early days and turned them into champions in arguably the most competitive sport in the world.

Starting out as a driver himself, Christian rose through the racing ranks from karting to Formula 2, the level below Formula 1. Faced with trying to find a team, he started his own and won two championships. Feeling he was better suited to the commercial and strategic parts of the sport, he focused on leading a team. When the drinks giant Red Bull bought the Jaguar F1 team they approached Christian to run it.

Now faced with bigger budgets, more pressure, but also with leading the new players in the sport, Christian set about creating a team. As the newcomers, and with fewer resources than the more established likes of McLaren and Ferrari, he established a culture of focusing on innovation, people and collective achievement. He lured the man rated are arguably the best car designer ever in the sport, Adrian Newey, acquired international sponsors, and signed exciting young drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Within just five years Red Bull had won their first constructors championship and followed that up by winning in each of the next three seasons. Those four seasons also saw Vettel win the drivers’ title. After their unprecedented success, and under pressure from the bigger teams, rules were changed and Red Bull struggled in subsequent seasons.

Red Bull have competed in one of the most technical, competitive sports in the world, proving that their involvement was more than a branding exercise. Christian considers the vast array of business lessons he’s learned in his career. How he’s built a team of the best engineers, designers, mechanics, businesspeople and drivers in the world. The commercial and cultural challenges of an organisation of almost 1,000 employees, based around the world, working week-to-week in search of millisecond advantages. Competing in a world where the pace of change on and off the track requires collaboration, leadership and robust testing.

Taking in everything from the cutting-edge technology and vast amounts of data now vital to the sport to the logistics of moving a 100 people and tonnes of equipment around the world, Christian reveals the demands of modern Formula 1. With insights like how they use data transmitted from tracks the other side of the world to the UK and back again to make split-second decisions. How Red Bull find and retain the best talent in the face of the greater money and resources of rivals. And, whilst the cars may represent the peak of engineering, the teams are human and the most important rule is to understand individuals and their goals.

Dr. Anita Sengupta, SVP Engineering, Hyperloop One

Dr. Anita Sengupta

SVP Engineering

Hyperloop One

View Bio

Dr. Anita Sengupta is a rocket scientist and aerospace engineer who for the past 20 years has been developing spacecraft technologies that have enabled the exploration of Mars, Asteroids, and deep space. She started her career working on the launch vehicles and communications satellites. Her doctoral research focused the developing the ion engines that powered the Dawn spacecraft to reach Vesta and Ceres in the main asteroid belt. She was then responsible for the supersonic parachute system that was integral to the landing of the Curiosity Rover on Mars. She most recently led the development of the Cold Atom Laboratory, a laser-cooling quantum physics facility launched in 2018 to the International Space Station to create the coldest spot in the known universe. She is now leading the development of the next generation of transportation technologies to bring space age technology down to Earth for a greener tomorrow. Her research includes the plasma propulsion, the hyperloop, autonomous air taxis, and supersonic flight. Dr. Sengupta shares her expertise and unique perspectives as a public speaker at venues around the world.

Dr. Sengupta received her MS and PhD in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California. In her spare time she is an avid pilot, motorcyclist, scuba diver, mountain bike, public speaker, scifi fan, and STEM advocate.

Robert Guest, Foreign Editor, The Economist

Robert Guest

Foreign Editor

The Economist

View Bio

Robert Guest is The Economist’s Foreign Editor and has reported from more than 70 countries and lived in six. He was previously the US Editor, leading the magazine’s American coverage, and the Business Editor. He has also served as its Washington correspondent, "Lexington" columnist and Africa Editor.

A winner of numerous international awards, Robert constantly interviews political and business leaders and follows key developments in Washington, on Wall Street and on Main Street. He also draws on the expertise of The Economist’s global network of correspondents to keep abreast of international political, economic and social issues from major market shifts and general elections to uprisings and house prices.

In speeches, Robert discusses his thoughts on US business and politics, illustrated with real-world examples, from the oil-town man-camps of North Dakota to the warehouses of Silicon Valley where start-ups thrive. Globally he also includes his first hand experiences such as hitchhiking on a beer truck in Cameroon and being stopped 47 times at police road blocks. He may also explain why Chinese food companies advertise products they don’t sell in the UK on London buses, and how Louisiana uses drone technology to cull wild pigs.

Before joining The Economist, Robert was the Tokyo correspondent for the Daily Telegraph, and prior to that he was based in South Korea. He is the author of The Shackled Continent, a book that tries to explain how Africa could become richer; and Borderless Economics: Chinese Sea Turtles, Indian Fridges and the New Fruits of Global Capitalism, which describes how migration makes the world brainier.

Daniel Hulme, CEO, Satalia

Daniel Hulme



View Bio

Daniel Hulme is the CEO of AI solutions company Satalia, and Director of University College London’s Business Analytics Masters degree. He looks at how AI can solve the most challenging problems and deals with its business, ethical and social implications, as well as wider technological and economic developments.

Passionate about creating a positive technological future, Daniel sees his mission as making AI accessible and understandable whilst also providing a framework for avoiding the potential pitfalls. He works at the intersection of technology, innovation, organisation and ethics.

After studying computer and cognitive science, as well as management and computational complexity, Daniel has since balanced work in both academia, public and private sectors. He worked as a consultant for a range of technology companies in the UK and US. He’s worked on and founded advisory bodies and steering groups largely focused on the economic, employment and ethical implications of technology, data and AI. He’s also advised the UK Government on data use and worked with groups to foster entrepreneurship, learning and innovation in the private sector.

Daniel also founded and now leads Satalia. Seen by many as a peer of Google’s DeepMind, they apply AI to solving difficult business and social problems. They seek out practical applications of AI, often in unexpected ways, dealing with areas beyond customer and market data or automation.

Daniel reveals a future that holds radical changes to how companies operate and how global economies work. AI has the potential to affect everything from training to marketing, salary negotiations to customer service – anything that requires a decision to be made. Central banks and stock exchanges will have to deal with companies issuing their own currencies rather than shares. Personal and company reputations will be irrevocably recorded on the blockchain. These development all have the potential to completely alter things we take for granted. We need to be prepared and to steer them appropriately.

Exploring what AI is, and importantly what it is not, Daniel considers how true artificial intelligence won’t mirror the human brain, and won’t just be case of something that learns and calculates faster than we can. He dispels the myths whilst also alerting audiences to the potential problems. He suggest strategies to combat the demands for organisational change and the necessity for a new type of company and workplace that is not just open, ‘flatter’ and collaborative, but also inclusive. He looks at how these organisations can thrive, how they will innovate faster and more naturally, but also how the ethics and values of consumers and employees have to be incorporated. He also challenges people to reflect on how they use technology, and to understand why they may feel addicted to the sites such as Facebook and a world of likes and follows.

Simon Usherwood, Reader in Politics, National Teaching Fellow, Department of Politics, University of Surrey

Simon Usherwood

Reader in Politics, National Teaching Fellow, Department of Politics

University of Surrey

View Bio

Simon Usherwood is Deputy Director of the “UK in a Changing Europe” programme, an independent group of academics providing impartial and evidence-led contributions to the public debate on the UK’s relationship with the EU. He is also Reader in Politics at the University of Surrey, where he researches and publishes on euroscepticism, negotiation theory, and UK-EU relations. You can find out more at www.simonusherwood.com

Karen Sutton, CPO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Karen Sutton


Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Henrik Larsen, CPO, AP Moller Maersk

Henrik Larsen


AP Moller Maersk

Beatrix Praeceptor, CPO, Mondi Group

Beatrix Praeceptor


Mondi Group

Ali Turk, Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Management, Turkcell

Ali Türk

Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Management


View Bio

Ali Türk joined Turkcell as the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Management in May 2016. He was appointed as the Executive Vice President of Supply Chain Management in March 2017. Ali Türk graduated from the Industrial Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University in 1999 and completed Istanbul Technical University Executive MBA program in 2001. Mr. Türk started his career at Başak Hayat Sigorta in 1999. Between 2002 and 2007, he held various management positions responsible for logistics planning, warehouse and supply chain management processes at Ülker Group Companies. Between 2007 and 2011, he worked at Ceva Lojistik as Warehouse and Value Added Operations group manager. Joining Turkish Airlines in 2011 as Cargo Operations Vice President, Mr. Türk has served as Turkish Airlines Cargo Operations President since 2012.

Salvatore Bernabei, CPO, Enel

Salvatore Bernabei



Len DeCandia, CPO, Johnson & Johnson

Len DeCandia


Johnson & Johnson

Herve Le Faou, CPO, Heineken

Hervé Le Faou



Shawn Burton, General Counsel, GE

Shawn Burton

General Counsel - Business & General Aviation and Integrated Systems


Ninian Wilson, Global Supply Chain Director and CEO, Vodafone Procurement

Ninian Wilson

Global Supply Chain Director & CEO

Vodafone Procurement

Cindy Elliott, Vice President - Global Strategic Sourcing, The Clorox Company

Cindy Elliott

Vice President - Global Strategic Sourcing

The Clorox Company

View Bio

Cindy leads the global sourcing organisation serving the diverse functions and businesses including Clorox®/Pinesol®/Liquid-Plumr®/409® laundry and home care cleaning products, Brita® water filtration, Glad® bags & wraps, Kingsford® charcoal, Burt’s Bees® natural personal care, Fresh Step® cat litter, Hidden Valley Ranch® dressings, Renew Life® digestive health products and Nutranext vitamins and supplements. With a critical eye on supply assurance of the wide variety of raw and packaging materials, the GSS transformation has also advanced work on sourcing strategies, risk mitigation, responsible sourcing and sustainability, supplier diversity, SRM and sourcing innovation.

Tom Linton, CPSCO, Flex

Tom Linton



Johannes Gilath, Senior Vice President Supply Chain and Procurement and CPO, Nokia

Johannes Giloth

Senior Vice President Global Operations and CPO


View Bio

Johannes Giloth is the Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Procurement and Chief Procurement Officer at Nokia, based in Munich, Germany.

Johannes is a senior executive, with broad international and cross-cultural experience in the telecommunications industry in both general management and consulting positions. Results-oriented, Johannes has a track record of successfully running large operations in global companies, leading strategic transformation programs and big international teams in a complex and fast-changing environment. With a proven ability to develop strategies and organizations, Johannes has a strong focus on implementation and the delivery of measurable value.

In his current position, Johannes designs the future end-to-end value chain of digital operations, supply chain and procurement by applying a bimodal approach: driving continuous improvement while investing in disruptive innovations. Generating customer value, being recognized by customers as best-in-industry in operations, defining the future ecosystems as enablers of Nokia’s strategy, and contributing to Nokia’s growth are Johannes’ key aspirations for Global Operations.

Prior to his current role, Johannes was Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics, successfully driving Nokia towards best-in-class manufacturing and supply chain operations, improving operational efficiency and supporting increased value generation for Nokia’s customers.

Throughout his career, Johannes has acquired in-depth senior management experience in supply chain, procurement, organizational and business development, business transformation, change management, outsourcing, mergers & acquisitions, post-merger integration, and management consulting.

Johannes holds a degree from the University of Kaiserslautern, Germany (1997) in Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering and a degree from the University of Greenwich, London (1995) in International Business.

Christian Holzer, CPO, thyssenkrupp-AG

Christian Holzer


thyssenkrupp AG

Thomas Udesen, CPO, Bayer

Thomas Udesen



Dr. Klaus Staubitzer, CPO, Siemens

Dr. Klaus Staubitzer



Sebastian Bals, CPO, UCB

Sebastian Bals



Markus Mirgeler, CPO, Clariant

Markus Mirgeler



Ulrike Salb, CPO, OSRAM Licht

Ulrike Salb



Nikolaus Kirner, CPO, Thomas Cook

Nikolaus Kirner


Thomas Cook

Virginie Vast, Head of Digital SCM, Vodafone

Virginie Vast

Head of Digital SCM


Joe Agresta, Former Vice President, Johnson & Johnson

Joe Agresta

Former Vice President

Johnson & Johnson

View Bio

Joe Agresta is a high energy thought leader who is an accomplished Sr. Executive in a broad array of functional disciplines in Product Management, Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement .Impact and Servant Leadership have been synonymous in everything he leads, whether it be designing and implementing Procurement Operating Models at both Allied Signal and Johnson and Johnson, transforming Supply Chain processes or leading Integrated Product Teams in major product turnarounds. He continues to share is passion for the space as a college professor, international speaker and mentor of Veterans in the American Corporate Partners Mentoring Program.

Joe is based in New Jersey, USA He has been responsible for global teams in Europe, Asia,South Africa, Australia ,Brazil, Puerto Rico and North America over the last 20 years.Through his teams international business and process development have been at the forefront of their work. While leading the Supply Chain at. Johnson and Johnson’s Ortho Clinical Diagnostics he was responsible for the distribution operations in Strasbourg France. Recently Joe has been focusing on Procurement Education in China.

Jet Antonio, Former Senior Director Procurement, Mondelez International

Jet Antonio

Former Senior Director Procurement

Mondelēz International

Tony Roberts, CPO, URENCO

Tony Roberts



Volker Purschke, CPO, Siemens Healthineers

Volker Purschke


Siemens Healthineers

Jean-Christophe Deville, Purchasing Director, Toyota

Jean-Christophe Deville

Purchasing Director


Our Partners

World Procurement Congress 2019 partners

Headline Partner


GEP helps global enterprises operate more efficiently and effectively, gain competitive advantage, boost profitability, and maximize business and shareholder value. Fresh thinking, innovative products, unrivaled domain and subject expertise, and smart, passionate people – this is how GEP creates and delivers unified business solutions of unprecedented scale, power and effectiveness. With 14 offices and operations centers in Europe, Asia and the Americas, GEP – based in Clark, NJ - helps enterprises worldwide realize their strategic, operational and financial objectives. To learn about our comprehensive range of strategic and managed services, please visit www.gep.com. For more about SMART by GEP, our cloud-native, unified source-to-pay platform, please visit www.smartbygep.com

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Barclaycard offers a comprehensive range of solutions for your business. First, we can help you make the sale, with platforms for promotion and consumer finance. Then, we’ll give you the technology to take payments quickly and reliably – and in the form that suits you and your customers. Finally, we’ll help you manage your own company’s payments, so you always feel in control.

With contactless technology – pioneered by Barclaycard – you and your customers will benefit from a faster, simpler way to pay for low-cost items. Since we introduced the UK’s first card in 2007, millions of Barclays and Barclaycard customers have joined the contactless revolution, with a total of 76 million cards currently in use in the UK.

And now, it’s not just a question of how your customers pay, but where. With our latest innovation, Barclaycard Anywhere, you can take on-the-spot, secure card payments directly through a smartphone.

Our corporate credit and charge cards are flexible and convenient to use, and give you more control over your staff’s outgoings. Back in the office, our virtual accounts and e-procurement tools can help to streamline your operation and cut down on administration costs.

No matter what your business payment needs, we have the technology and expertise to support your goals.


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Amazon Business

Amazon Business is a marketplace that combines the selection, convenience and value customers have come to know and love from Amazon, with a range of unique features and benefits tailored to businesses of every size. Amazon Business provides easy access to millions of business products at competitive, low prices – everything from IT, office and lab equipment to education and food-service supplies. Amazon Business customers enjoy Free One-Day delivery on qualified orders, VAT-exclusive pricing and invoicing, multi-user business accounts, approval workflows, purchase system integration, dedicated customer support and much more. To register for a free Amazon Business account, visit www.amazon.co.uk/business


IntegrityNext – the Supplier Compliance Platform automatically obtains the required self-assessments and certificates from the suppliers and monitors social media scanning over 100 million messages per day for possible compliance violations and reputational risk. Green, yellow and red lights indicate which suppliers are compliant and which need attention.

• Ensure a compliant and sustainable supply base
• Gain competitive advantage by fulfilling your Duty of Care
• Mitigate brand damage and reputational risk
• Avoid regulatory risk and penalties

Among others, IntegrityNext covers Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption, Environmental Protection, Human Rights & Labor, Health & Safety, Diversity, Supply Chain Security, Data Protection, Cyber Security, Sanction List-Checks, Business Continuity, as well as Quality Compliance. 10K+ companies in over 120 countries use IntegrityNext – become a part of the network and achieve compliance quickly!


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Bain & Company

Bain & Company is the management consulting firm that the world’s business leaders come to when they want results. Bain advises clients on strategy, operations, information technology, organization, private equity, digital transformation and strategy, and mergers and acquisition, developing practical insights that clients act on and transferring skills that make change stick.

The firm aligns its incentives with clients by linking its fees to their results. Bain clients have outperformed the stock market 4 to 1. Founded in 1973, Bain has 55 offices in 36 countries, and its deep expertise and client roster cross every industry and economic sector.




Extract the hidden value inside your data. We help the Purchasing Departments of large multinational companies to see exactly what is going on in Sourcing & Procurement processes and show them how to manage them in the best way. Traditional approaches on Spending Management are in the past: unifying ERPs is costly and slow in implementation; Business Intelligence tools only show aggregated data based on the poor quality of existing classification; offline manual classifications are obsolete. Creactives provides “Augmented Visibility” and “Innovative Tools” to manage Orders, Invoices and Mas-ter Data, described in different languages, with different coding, from more ERPs and other sources.



IBM Watson

Watson is the AI platform for business, powered by data. Watson Compare & Comply can turn unstructured business data - like contracts - into actionable insights that empower professionals. It understands contexts, learns at scale, and reasons with purpose.




Ivalua is the Procurement empowerment platform. Recognized as a Leader by Gartner, Ivalua’s Source-to-Pay suite is leveraged by over 250 leading companies across the globe to manage over $500 Billion in direct and indirect spend. The platform’s combination of ease-of-use, depth, breadth and flexibility ensures high employee and supplier adoption, rapid time to value and the ability to meet unique or evolving requirements, evidenced by the industry’s leading 98%+ retention rate. Follow us at @Ivalua.



Taulia was founded in 2009 with a single purpose - to enable companies across the supply chain free up cash to boost business growth. Through turning every invoice into a revenue opportunity, Taulia enables organizations to strengthen supplier relationships while adding millions to the bottom line. Some of the most innovative brands in the world rely on Taulia, including Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated, Pfizer, Hallmark, and many other Fortune 500 companies from various industries. Taulia is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London, England; Düsseldorf, Germany; Sofia, Bulgaria; Austin, Texas; and Park City, Utah.



At Proxima, we help our clients to optimize their external costs, ensuring that each $, €, or £= is productive and enabling business performance. As a knowledge aggregator with a specialist delivery engine, we support either by delivering entire procurement programs or by working with the in house team in a best of breed hybrid. We partner with finance to ensure savings delivered are real, measurable, sustainable, and signed off by finance and the business stakeholders. Today we have 250 procurement specialists operating worldwide helping some of the world’s most recognizable businesses to become better, by delivering or transforming procurement.

We influence billions on their behalf annually across a broad range of expenditure categories, commercial disciplines and business programs. Our clients may be novices or experts, but always find that procurement can bring transformational value to top and bottom line. All this makes us one of the largest and most innovative procurement functions anywhere in the world today. As practitioners, we measure ourselves on our results, and the outcomes are truly spectacular. At Proxima, your procurement is our business.



WNS Denali

WNS (Holdings) Limited (NYSE: WNS) is a global Business Process Management (BPM) leader. We offer business value to 300+ clients around the world by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals, including banking and financial services, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media and entertainment, consulting and professional services, retail and consumer packaged goods, telecom, shipping and logistics, travel and leisure, and utilities. WNS delivers an entire spectrum of BPM services in customer interaction services, finance and accounting, human resource, research and analytics, technology solutions and industry-specific processes. More than 35,000 employees serve across 53 delivery centers located in China, Costa Rica, India, the Philippines, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UK and US.



From data to insight - unlock the power of procurement. Jaggaer (previously BravoSolution) cloud-based spend management solutions are used to gain a 360 view of supply chain – in order to realise cost-savings and manage risk. Recognised as a Leader by Gartner in both Strategic Source and Procure-To-Pay, our direct and indirect eProcurement solutions help over 1850 customers, connecting to a network of 3.7 million suppliers in 70 countries. We have pioneered spend solutions for over two decades and continue to lead the innovation curve by listening to customers and analysing the market.



Coupa Software (NASDAQ:COUP) is the cloud platform for business spend. We deliver “Value as a Service” by helping our customers maximize their spend under management, achieve significant cost savings and drive profitability. Coupa provides a unified, cloud-based spend management platform that connects hundreds of organizations representing the Americas, EMEA, and APAC with millions of suppliers globally. The Coupa platform provides greater visibility into and control over how companies spend money. Customers – small, medium and large – have used the Coupa platform to bring billions of dollars in cumulative spend under management.



Insight Partners

American Express

Through our Global Commercial Services division, American Express offers powerful backing and support that helps companies of all sizes gain financial savings, control and efficiency. We provide a suite of payment and lending products, solutions for travel and everyday business spending, cross border payments, global currency solutions, and business financing.



In today’s fast paced global market timing is everything. You want to protect, grow or transform your business. To meet these challenges we offer clients small teams of highly qualified experts with profound sector and operational insight. Our clients include corporate boards and management, law firms, investment banks, investors and others who appreciate the candor, dedication, and transformative expertise of our teams. We will ensure insight drives action at that exact moment that is critical for success. When it really matters.



Create real business impact for your organization by using C2FO to improve margins and strengthen your supply chain. As the world’s leading dynamic discounting solution, C2FO enables early invoice payment for a discount to your suppliers without impeding existing contracts. With more than 100,000 participating businesses across the globe, C2FO is the most trusted solution for Global 2000 companies and their suppliers. Learn more about accelerating innovation and results with your team at:



Citi® Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) provides integrated cash management and trade finance services to multinational corporations, financial institutions and public sector organisations across the globe. Citi Commercial Cards forms part of the TTS business, offering a comprehensive range of payment solutions, with a greater level of control and spend visibility, to help organisations effectively manage their card programme. As a leading commercial card issuer, Citi offers a global footprint, supported by unrivalled card acceptance and a consistent global customer experience. We continue to lead the way in delivering innovative and tailored solutions.



Mastercard is the global technology company behind the world’s fastest payments processing network. We are a vehicle for commerce, a connection to financial systems for the previously excluded, a technology innovation lab, and the home of priceless possibilities. Everyone wants easier ways to pay; we invent them. Corporate purchasing is complicated; we make it simple. Small businesses are virtual; we give them access to a world of buyers.


McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is a global management consulting firm. We help organizations across the private, public, and social sectors create the change that matters. From the C-suite to the front line, we partner with our clients to transform their organizations in the ways that matter most to them. With exceptional people in 65 countries, we combine global expertise and local insight to help you create the change that truly matters.

McKinsey’s Procurement service line helps unlock the full potential of clients’ portfolios. Our pioneering and digitally enabled approaches to optimize spend categories, drive productivity and innovation with suppliers, and maximize procurement impact through an agile digital operating model typically result in ~20% improved margins and 20x return on investment. Core to our approach are industry-leading digital and analytics solutions that help clients transform and lead the procurement function of the future. Our uncompromising commitment to invest heavily and work with clients to enhance institutional and individual capabilities ensures that impact is sustainable over the long-term.


CPO Challenger Series Partner


Globality is revolutionizing how companies buy and sell services.

Using innovative AI technology built upon a constantly-expanding knowledge foundation with millions of data points, the Globality Platform creates a level playing field fostering economic inclusion. Companies get the best service provider at the right price for every project. And suppliers win projects based on the merits of proven performance, expertise, and passion. Through safe and secure technology, Globality brings digital transformation to services procurement and unlocks unprecedented access to top-level firms around the world.

With the help of Smart Sourcing technologies, Globality clients can capture billions of dollars in bottom-line impact. Dozens of Fortune 500 companies are leveraging the Platform’s strategic AI sourcing partner, Glo, to improve the quality and decrease the cost of services, all while driving greater transparency, accountability, and fairness.



Exclusive Diversity & Inclusion Partner


ConnXus supplier management software solutions simplify the complexities of global supply chains and allow buyers to achieve their goals of responsible and sustainable sourcing. ConnXus is a CPUC-certified minority-owned business enterprise based in Mason, Ohio with local, regional and international capabilities.



Engagement Partners


AppZen uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the auditing process of a company’s overall spend. Leveraging patented AI technology, AppZen uses computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing to automatically read and audit expense reports, receipts, invoices and contracts while cross-checking that information against hundreds of online data sources. This enables Accounts Payable and T&E teams to detect fraud, compliance issues, and pricing violations within minutes of an expense report or invoice submission.




HSBC is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world, with operations in 66 countries and territories. We aim to be where the growth is, enabling businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, and, ultimately, helping people to fulfil their hopes and realise their ambitions. Our geographic footprint, in-depth product offerings, strong global network of experts and large customer base means we can serve corporates of all sizes in every continent and their entire supply chain ecosystem. We are well placed to work together with you to achieve your objectives, whether that is working capital optimisation, de-risking, supplier relationship management or corporate sustainability. To learn more or contact us, please visit:



Automation Anywhere

Our mission is to enable companies to operate with unprecedented productivity and efficiency by automating any part of the enterprise that can be automated with the most intelligent and intuitive robotic process automation platform we call “The Intelligent Digital Workforce”. Our vision is to Take the robot out of the human. To liberate employees from mundane, repetitive tasks, allowing them more time to use their intellect and creativity to solve higher order business challenges. We see a world where every employee will work side by side with digital workers, making them exponentially more productive and far more fulfilled.



Networking Lounge Partners

The Smart Cube

The Smart Cube is a global provider of research and analytics solutions, primarily serving the CPG, financial services, retail, life sciences, energy and industrials sectors. Addressing the needs of businesses in the intelligence age, our customised solutions provide a truly connected approach, delivered by talented minds and strengthened by Amplifi, our organisational intelligence platform, rich with knowledge, cutting edge tools and advanced analytics. We work with a third of companies in the Fortune 100, helping them make smarter decisions, accelerate value and gain a competitive edge.


Positive Purchasing

Positive Purchasing are industry leaders in driving procurement transformation across the globe. Combining expert training and tools with effective programs and methods, all supported by our proven digital platform, we help organizations deliver a dramatic improvement in their strategic procurement and negotiation outcomes. The result is lower costs, reduced risk, and ultimately, a performance boost and increased business profitability.

Each of our Category Management, Supplier Relationship Management or Buyer’s Toolkit - and specialist Negotiation - programs is built on a unique best practice methodology supported by high-impact learning and development. Available individually or as part of a complete Procurement Transformation incorporating competency assessment, functional diagnostic, strategic roadmap and governance, our programs have been implemented successfully in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies spanning multiple industry sectors worldwide.



Sievo is a leading procurement analytics company providing Spend Analysis, Savings Lifecycle Manage-ment, Spend Forecasting and Contract Management solutions, also featured as value leader in Spend Matters’ SolutionMap for Procurement and Spend Analysis. We help our clients identify opportunities, translate them into manageable savings projects, embed created value into budgets and ensure that the savings truly hit the bottom line.

At Sievo, we don’t stop at backward-looking analytics but deliver more by creating forward-looking forecasts and comprehensive analytics. By combining internal information with external data sources our machine learning technologies help revealing hidden value from the complex system landscapes with poor data quality.

Let us help to translate your procurement data into dollars.



Capita Procurement Solutions are trusted by UK and global organisations to support and transform their procurement functions. They design and deliver innovative, flexible procurement solutions that help clients manage and improve their supply chain. As the procurement business in Capita, they transform procurement, drive efficiencies and realise cashable savings from third party spend through a range of flexible procurement solutions, from strategy formation through to transactional activities. They are unique in the market place, supported by an infrastructure that has extensive subject matter and procurement experts, with insight and intelligence from all of the Capita businesses.


Liquidity Services

Liquidity Services has the expertise and partnership capabilities to rapidly and consistently transform your surplus assets into a value-add for your business. Whether you need a one-off service, an enterprise-wide programmatic solution, or support for plant closures, project cancellations, or full-scale liquidation events, our comprehensive capital assets services have you covered.



Mintec has been providing market leading raw material price data and business intelligence tools to leading global procurement teams for more than 30 years. The original founders saw an opportunity to bring the data and tools to market to allow others to leverage the available information in ways that had never been done before.

Three decades on, Mintec remains at the forefront. We provide market intelligence to the largest manufacturers and retailers around the world. Using advanced technology, we can do far more with our data than was even imagined a few years ago.



riskmethods empowers leading enterprises with an award-winning Supply Chain Risk Management solution that supports the complete process of identifying risk, assessing impact and mitigating risk. Our approach combines innovative Big Data and Artificial intelligence capabilities with insightful risk intelligence to ensure that the right people have the right information at the right time. Armed with a digitized representation of their supply network’s risk profile, our customers are able to make better decisions and achieve first-mover advantage in the face of threats.



Markit is a leading online IT purchasing system working in 34 countries globally. Markit integrates more than 200 leading IT distributors in the world into simple and transparent online platform and provides efficient tools for companies to manage, centralize and streamline their IT purchasing.
Markit is saving time and money for companies with simplicity and transparency - we provide the best total cost of IT purchasing for companies large or small. Working in Europe and USA with estimated 110 million EUR turnover in 2018 Markit is looking to open Asia as the next region in a bid to best service global companies. More than 15% of Fortune Global 2000 companies are already using Markit as part of their IT purchasing.


DHL Resilience360

DHL Resilience360 is an innovative, cloud-based platform that helps companies visualize, track and protect their business operations. The solution enables early risk assessment for supplier qualification processes and monitors suppliers for immediate supply chain threats as well as early warning signs of internal distress that may develop over time. DHL Resilience360 seamlessly integrates with business systems to track companies’ risk in combination with their business performance indicators. By digitalizing supplier risk management, Resilience360 empowers better decision making and more sustainable sourcing by procurement leaders and positions enterprises to turn potential disruptions into a competitive advantage.



Ayming is an international consultancy firm with a strong focus in Procurement and Supply Chain Management, which combines specialised knowledge – across a range of fields – with hands-on collaboration, to enable our clients achieve their objectives. We are 1,300 employees operating in 15 countries across Europe, North America and Asia, and have a proven track record of providing leadership and sharing insight that stretches back over 30 years.

Our philosophy is based on a Procurement and Supply Management function, building strong foundations in cost efficiency, strategy & processes to allow proactive transformation toward greater value enhancement. This is achieved by activating key enablers such as people & capability development and digitalisation, always tailored to fit our clients’ requirements.

We are procurement specialists, we are doers.



SCANMARKET is a Danish company founded in early 1999. In the beginning the company concept was an open Marketplace, where buyers and sellers could meet, interact, find potential partners and discuss prices.

The idea of an open Marketplace proved however to be problematic and in November 2001 the company concept was changed and went from an open Marketplace to a closed sourcing software with a much stronger focus on the buyer than initially. The change proved successful and SCANMARKET rapidly established itself on the Danish eSourcing market.

Today SCANMARKET is a global leading provider of a user friendly cloud-based hosting system for closed internet-based (reverse) eAuctions, eRFx, Contract Management, Project Management, Supply Base Management and Spend Analysis for professional buyers in large companies. SCANMARKET’s eSourcing solution is being used by 300+ clients in more than 80 countries, of which many are international leaders within their industry. The strong organic growth that Scanmarket has experienced is generated from a strong corporate focus on: Product Development and innovative ideas · Client Development and Customer Service and Strategic partnerships in new markets Today SCANMARKET has offices in the US, UK, Denmark, The Netherlands and Germany with the headquarters being located in Solbjerg (near Aarhus), Denmark.


Media Partners

Solution Map

Buying a procurement solution? Quickly gauge the market with SolutionMap by Spend Matters. It’s free, fast and easy to use:

1. Select a procurement solution category
2. Indicate your ‘buying persona’
3. Submit your email address to access the ranking

Based on 1,000+ functional requirements across the source-to-pay, contingent workforce and services procurement technology spectrum, SolutionMap reliably benchmarks leading solution providers using equal parts analyst- and customer-based scoring inputs.

SolutionMap helps procurement professionals keep track of technology market developments, assess provider capabilities based on organizational needs and identify best-fit vendor shortlists for solution selection.

Visit SpendMatters.com/SolutionMap to get started

Supply Chain Digital

Supply Chain Digital is an innovative, forward thinking ’Digital Community’ aimed at providing Procurement & Supply Chain professionals with industry leading news, analysis, features and reports about the world’s biggest supply chains.

Supply Chain Digital showcases the very latest supply chain and procurement trends by featuring insights from ’Thought Leaders’ across the globe who are implementing ’transformations’ inside large scale organizations.

As the fastest growing global community of Procurement & Supply Chain professionals - Supply Chain Digital showcases the latest Industry Best Practices, the latest in Procurement & Supply Chain Technology as well as all the leading Events, Associations and Award winning companies globally.


Supply Chain Brain

SupplyChainBrain is the world’s most comprehensive supply chain management information resource. In addition to providing complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations - and continues to write and report on these as they evolve and mature.


Buyers Meeting Point

Buyers Meeting Point is owned, managed and edited by career procurement professional Kelly Barner. In addition to providing the industry with events coverage, book reviews, podcasts, and a vibrant social media network, Kelly is one of the most prolific writers in procurement and supply chain. Her work is featured on a number of industry blogs and she is regularly asked to write and contribute to thought leading white papers. Click here to learn more about or connect with Kelly.



CPOstrategy is the go-to source for Chief Procurement Officers and Supply Chain Leaders, discussing the latest transformation stories and the exponential improvements to supply chain performances, through converging efforts between people, partners, technology and process/strategy.

CPOstrategy runs a Supply Chain and Procurement showcase series utilising unique, executive personal narrative, to give light to core topics such as Procurement transformation, supply chain digitisation, contract management, supplier relationship management/ vendor management strategies, change management approaches and beyond.



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