Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Executive Briefing: 4 October 2017
Forum: 5-6 October 2017

Powering Business Alignment Through Category Leadership

12th Annual Europe Forum 2017

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Powering Business Alignment Through Category Leadership

Procurement never stands still, which is why the content and experience at European Forum change every year.

2017 sees a totally new, restructured agenda to provide you with two specific content streams: one on Category Leadership for Indirect Leaders and one on Transformational Triggers for CPOs, with appropriately positioned plenary sessions that will get the two audiences together for discussion around the theme of Business Alignment and procurement’s strategic contribution to the business.

When you join us, not only will you be able to hear from some of the industry’s top thinkers but also be able to take advantage of the new emphasis on networking, informal discussion and engagement with your community of peers.

Join 150+ like-minded senior professionals at the heart of global business to embrace opportunity by discovering the latest trends in customer-centric procurement. Learn about the out-of-the box thinking which is driving innovation.

What's on the agenda?

The 2017 agenda is currently under construction. In 2016 the event focused on:

  • Driving top-line growth through a smarter procurement function
  • Mastering supply-chain complexity
  • Working collaboratively with third parties
  • Delivering savings and driving benefits in mergers
  • Going beyond traditional procurement in your category strategy

Learn about the complexity, volatility and vulnerability that market change produces. Discover how to become more agile and innovative, reducing your time to market. Above all, find out about the very latest best practice in everything from customer centricity and SEI through to change management and the adoption of technology.

It’s time to drive continuous improvement and develop your procurement function’s influence on the wider business.


Some of the most influential names in procurement will share their success stories in October. Speakers already confirmed include:

Speaking opportunities
For speaking opportunities please contact:
Paul Craven

Paul Craven
Globally Renowned Behavioural Economist

David Loseby

David Loseby
Group Procurement Director


Lars Andersson

Lars Andersson
Head of Procurement Automation and Analytics

Maersk A/S

Who should attend the Europe Forum?

The event is aimed at senior procurement professionals including:

  • Chief Procurement Officers
  • Procurement Directors
  • Heads of Procurement
  • Vice Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents
  • Procurement Managers

The Forum is essential if you are looking to:

  • Raise the profile of procurement within your organisation
  • Establish a culture of excellence
  • Develop new strategies
  • Drive increased value
  • Grow your network
  • Hear from leading speakers, including Dirk Jan de With of Covestro and Laurence Laroche of Rockwool.
Michael Frei CPO at Outotec
“I came here to refresh my view, to have great discussions with people, and to see what’s going on. So the content and people dimensions brought me here.”

"This is an excellent opportunity to network and refresh relationships with old colleagues."

Michael Frei, CPO, Outotec

2017 Agenda

The 2017 event will focus on:

  • Mastering category leadership – New approaches & how to get there
  • If we are all digital business leaders, what are the qualities & attributes of a best in class CPO?
  • In pursuit of greater productivity: is the Fourth Industrial Revolution a hype or reality?
  • Why procurement departments are still seen as frenemies of the C-Suite?
  • How long before robotics starts to disrupt the procurement industry, and how?
“Procurement Leaders events are a great way to keep your network alive and continue to develop it.”

“I found the summit yesterday really refreshing. It’s a great opportunity to share our experiences and get feedback.”

Sandro Scharlibbe, CPO, Brose

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