The Seaport Hotel, Boston
Executive Briefings: September 12, 2017
Forum: September 13-14, 2017

Transforming Procurement for Tomorrow's Business

East Coast Forum 2017

The Procurement Leaders East Coast Forum brings together procurement innovators from across the Americas to debate the latest hot topics and develop innovative procurement strategies. Join 120+ of your peers and industry leaders for highly practical insights and solutions, enabling you to transform every facet of your procurement function.

In addition to the main forum, optional executive briefings offer tailored content for Senior Financial Services & Marketing Procurement professionals to further develop their expertise in their dedicated fields.

  • Join your financial services peers to learn how to nurture innovation within the function towards value creation for the wider business. Supported by Coupa, Efficio and SAP Ariba.
  • Marketing procurement professionals will come together to learn how to accelerate collaboration for optimal strategy, execution, ROI and optimisation of marketing & digital spend

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"If you’re in the Fortune 300 then you clearly have a global footprint so it’s going to be a really interesting event."

Tim Fiore, former SVP Supply Management and CPO, Ryder System, Celanese Corporation, Terex Corporation, and Thyssenkrupp NA


David Kern, CPO, Trip Advisor

David Kern
Head of Procurement


Kipp Podlewski, Head of Indirect Procurement, Harley Davidson

Kipp Podlewski
Head of Indirect Procurement

Harley Davidson

Stephen Listzwan, CPO, Shire

Stephen Listzwan


Steve Hrubala, Global Head of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing, The Carlyle Group

Steve Hrubala
Global Head of Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

The Carlyle Group

Pedro Desdier, Director Procurement Americas and Global Direct Procurement, Mead Johnson Nutrition

Pedro Desdier
Director Procurement Americas and Global Direct Procurement

Mead Johnson Nutrition

Mary Ann Brennan, Senior Director Global Procurement, Mattel

Mary Ann Brennan
Senior Director Global Procurement



Gain an unrivalled opportunity to meet senior decision-makers actively seeking solutions by becoming a Procurement Leaders partner at the East Coast Forum.

"Often if you have a problem you get to the solution a lot quicker by networking. Plus, Procurement Leaders have more senior players for this event than any other event I’ve attended, so their input is incredibly valuable."

Walter Charles, CPO Biogen


East Coast Forum – Transformation vision, strategy and case studies from procurement pioneers on:

  • Transitioning beyond procurement productivity to value
  • Innovation as the driver to remain relevant and critical to overall business strategy
  • Positioning procurement to support end-user interests in cognitive computing, process automation and the cloud
  • Building capability for the future profit-driven procurement organization
  • Harnessing the power of supplier-enabled collaboration for mutual value creation
  • Collaborating to affect the greatest opportunity with key stakeholders
  • Sourcing, retaining and developing tomorrow’s workforce
  • Implementing effective risk management strategies in an era of volatility
  • Actionable steps to building and maintaining a win-win relationship with C-suite

Financial Services Executive Briefing – learn how to:

  • Capitalize on volatile markets to provide innovative opportunities for procurement value creation
  • Leverage technology to help control risk and provide greater company-wide visibility
  • Utilize Blockchain as a valuable tool for procurement and supply chains in the quest for transparency

Marketing Executive Briefing – learn how to:

  • Define and manage procurement’s balance for value & impact of both the top and bottom line
  • Align objectives with the marketing function and always keep the customer as the value driver behind decision making
  • Position your involvement with marketing and other stakeholders to ensure maximum value creation
  • Identify the tools for applying technology and data management platforms for delivering ROI and adding value

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