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9th of November, Following the APAC Forum

The Procurement Leaders Asia Pacific Awards, categories and criteria are designed to recognise the challenges and initiatives of the Asia procurement community. Below you will find all the categories and questions featured on the entry form and the criteria the judges will be scoring against. Any questions about your entry or about judging should be directed towards the below contact:
Judging & Entry Queries
Pip Langdon, Awards Manager
+44 (0) 207 819 4130

Procurement Excellence Award

Procurement excellence can be defined as when procurement:

  • Delivers tangible results to the bottom and top line of the business; in terms of cost, risk and value creation;
  • Is a strategic business function with support of the management board;
  • Has key relationships with business stakeholders and is involved in strategic decisions at an early stage;
  • Brings continual improvement to the function and innovation from the supply base;
  • Acts in a responsible and fair manner

Procurement Leader Award

Great procurement leaders inspire, challenge and build great teams around them. They know when to play safe, when to take risks and are passionate supporters of the function. They are visionaries and strategists who are also able to spur on those around them to achieve great things.

The Procurement Leader Award is open to all senior executives who have strategic responsibility for their organisation’s procurement function and will recognise how he or she has impacted the wider business and put procurement at the top table in their organisation.

Procurement Team Award

This category recognises the team that has worked together to achieve a significant goal. The team will have demonstrated initiative, creativity, and drive to be a positive force for change and improvement in their business.

Judges will be looking for teams with a broad mix of skills, personalities and backgrounds which have worked together to drive world-class performance in procurement.

Transformation Award

Procurement organisations go through transformations for a number of reasons – to achieve a step change in capability, to align closer to a wider business strategy, to get closer to the business and key markets or to increase compliance, among others.

This award will reward those organisations that have achieved great things through a significant transformation whether that’s improving the quality of an under-performing function or taking an already high-performing organisation to the next level.

Cross-Functional Collaboration Award

Collaboration with the wider business is crucial if procurement is to make a significant impact; whether that be with finance, product development, operations or marketing or another key business function. This category will recognise a project or initiative which has collaborated with another function or group of functions at its core and that has delivered tangible commercial benefits. Judges will be looking for specific evidence of success and the role played by procurement in the collaboration.

External Collaboration Award

Procurement is in an excellent position to take advantage of the capabilities that exist in the supply base, and by collaborating with suppliers or other third parties can help both parties to succeed.

This award will recognise the collaborative efforts of an organisation and an external supplier or group of suppliers, which have had a tangible impact. Judges will look for real evidence of success in the form of improved efficiencies, innovative new approaches or product developments, reduced costs or reduced risk, among others. Questions


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